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  • New Episode of Neon Nights
    • Post Season Update 2
  • New Episode of Midnight Horror
    • 5 Horror Film Recommendations
  • Evil Kitten Productions is proud to announce that we have officially created a company for our shows. Below you will find photos and info about our brand new team.
  • We have added some more awesome audio dramas to our favorite shows section

About Evil Kitten Productions

Evil Kitten Productions was founded in July of 2016 as the primary production company for Neon Nights: The Arcane Files of Jack Tracer. Along with Neon Nights, Evil Kitten Productions also produces the Wrandom Wrestling Wreview show as well as Midnight Horror.

If you are interested in being a part of Evil Kitten Productions, please hit us up on Twitter or on our Facebook Page

Our Company

Will Snyder

Artistic Director/Co-Founder

Rachel Craig

Production Manager/Co-Founder

Aaron Sarka

Marketing Manager/Writer

John Patrick Wencel

Artistic Associate/Writer

The Case of the Black Knights - episode 1

The Case of the Man in Black - episode 2

Special Message - 9/25/2016

The Case of the House of Joy - Episode 3

The Case of Shady Grove - Episode 4

Bonus Episode - 2/26/2017

Flashback episode

The Case of the Book of Death - Episode 5

Post-Season 1 Updates

Original audio dramas